QUEST, Inc. Mission Statement:

"QUEST Inc. is dedicated to providing vocational and life skills, which empower people with disabilities and other vocational disadvantages to achieve a quality of life of their individual choosing."

About QUEST, Inc.

QUEST, Inc. has its roots in the movements of the 1950’s. It was a time in which facilities and programs flourished in communities in an effort to respond to populations of people that were deprived of educational, vocational, social and community opportunities because they did not fit the existing systems. Initially the agent was incorporated under the name of the Lebanon County Workshop, Inc. As time passed and thinking and findings in the field of vocational rehabilitation changed, the agency changed, as well . In the process of these changes the focus moved from that of a " sheltered workshop" to that of a comprehensive vocational rehabilitation agency. In 1995 our name was changed to QUality Employment Services and Training, Inc. or QUEST, Inc., which was in keeping with the emerging programs and services being offered by the agency.

Today, QUEST offers options for people with disabilities that include specialized occupational training, extended work in the industrial training facility, job placement, employment services, and expanded community integration opportunities. With over fifty years of providing Community Benefit, vocational rehabilitation training and work experiences, and employment opportunities for people with disabilities, QUEST, has become a major provider of vocational programs and services for the residents of Lebanon County and surrounding areas. QUEST Inc., is a licensed vocational rehabilitation agency licensed by the Department of Public Welfare 2390 Regulations for Vocational Facilities and 2380 Regulations for Adult Training Facilities. As a Community Benefit agency, QUEST Inc., is a member agency of the United Way of Lebanon County, Lebanon Chamber of Commerce and the Community of Lebanon Association.

Employment Division Garners Recognition in 2018

The employment division had an eventful calendar year culminating with numerous awards and recognition for services provided, successful business partnerships and the enhancement in the quality of life for our clients via vocational successes. Throughout the year Quest worked in conjunction with various funding sources including OVR, Lebanon County MH/ID, CMU, SAM, Inc. and the United Way of Lebanon County to provide employment support in the forms of job development, job placement and job retention to an ever increasing number of clients seeking gainful and integrated employment opportunities in our community and the surrounding areas. The department was bolstered with the addition of Jenner Davis-Brandt who transitioned from vocational instructor to employment specialist. Jen joined Emily Jones and Amy Klink to form a triumvirate that excelled in job coaching services throughout the county at a variety of businesses ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small family owned and operated local businesses. All three have completed ACRE endorsed trainings specific to employment services for individuals with disabilities and are professionally trained in providing individualized one-on-one services for our clients while serving as liaisons to the businesses where job coaching services occur.

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month as designated by ODEP and the employment division was very active innumerous events throughout the month related to this. At the annual RCPA conference October 2nd-4th, Mike Barnhart was given the 2018 Community Leadership Award for his “grass roots” advocacy efforts with innovative job development strategies that have led to new, ongoing and ever strengthening partnerships with local businesses. Mike obtained Certified Employment Support Professional status through APSE in 2016 and continues to enhance his credentials while handling job development responsibilities for QUEST. On October 18th, Work With Us, the local employment coalition, held its annual award luncheon with two QUEST nominees receiving awards. Ingram Micro received the Employer of the Year for actively promoting a diversified work force. On hand to receive the award presented to Ingram by State House of Representative Frank Ryan were four individuals receiving employment support from QUEST who work at Ingram. Also receiving recognition at this event was QUEST client Lyndsey Laudermilch who was recognized as Employee of the Year for her work through Service Source at Fort Indiantown Gap. On October 22-24 QUEST was on hand at the annual PAR Conference representing Work With Us in a workshop giving an overview of the value of employment coalitions as relates to employment initiatives with individuals with disabilities. Mike, the current chairperson for WWU was part of a panel presentation that included Dawn Wolfe from Lebanon County MH/ID/EI. The presentation was well received and had a direct influence on an employment coalition being started in York County. The highlight of the conference, from QUEST’s perspective was again two awards given to our clients and business partners. Ingram Micro was again recognized as employee of the year and Nick Rinker was given the Self Advocate Employee of the Year Award. Both Ingram and Nick were showcased at the recognition dinner, given a tour of the capitol building and Nick was given a letter of commendation by the State House of Representatives.


2019 looks to be an innovative and groundbreaking year for the employment division. QUEST is partnering with Developmental & Disability Services to form an employment services collaborative funded by the United Way of Lebanon County. This service model varies significantly from the traditional system service model in which agencies compete for service dollars. Instead QUEST and DDS will work together to increase manpower, assets, resources to assist a greater number of individuals in Lebanon County in need of employment support services. As we celebrate our 60th year, QUEST continues to seek new and better service models to help individuals improve their quality of life through competitive, integrated community based employment opportunities.

Employment 1st
Take Charge of Your Life- CHOOSE WORK 

Everyone can work and there is a real job for everyone.  A real job is one with real wages, benefits, side-by-side and with co-workers without disabilities.

Not working should be the exception. All individuals, schools, families and businesses must raise their expectations.

People will be hired because of their ability not because they have a disability.

Communities embrace people who contribute.

Everyone has something to contribute and needs to contribute. Having a real job and real wages helps people have a lifestyle with value, choice and empowerment.

Real jobs should be the first priority and preferred outcome for people with disabilities.  We will be creative and tenacious in providing support.

Employment is a win/win for everybody!

Meet Our Staff

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Verna Morris

Executive Director

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Hollie Manwiller



Mike Barnhart

Employment Coordinator


Elizabeth Hershey

Quality Assurance Coordinator


Habilitation Specialist


Amy Klink

Employment Specialist


Emily Jones

Employment Specialist


Jennifer Davis-Brandt

Employment Specialist


Heather Lengle

Program Specialist


Lyle Wenger

Program Specialist


Marsha VanOverbeke

Adult Day Services Coordinator


Harry Hurd

Maintenance Supervisor

Lawn Care Supervisor

Shredding Supervisor



Yeimy Gabriel

Coordinator of Janitorial Services