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Jerryl Miller

July 2023

QUEST, Inc provides a valuable service to adults in our community with disabilities. The prevocational and vocational services offered at QUEST, Inc. are broad and varied in scope to meet the unique needs for each individual served. QUEST offers specialized occupational training, job placement, employment services, and expanded community integration opportunities in programs such as the Adult Training Program, Employment Services, and Home and Community Habilitation.

This past year marked the end of the pandemic and getting back to normal or perhaps more accurately, mitigating long-term impacts of staffing shortages and lower census as the result of the last three very unusual business operations years.

Some of the highlights from the past year include:

1. Quest received a generous gift from the estate of a past board member.

2. The resignation of the CFO, Hollie Manmiller after 23 years of service and hiring a replacement for the CFO position, Dorrene Kline.

3. Board member changes. Daniel Figueroa resigned. Two additional board members have been added: Jaclyn Nagle and David Richardson.

4. The start of the remodeling and construction projects under the capital campaign.

This coming year Quest, Inc. has much to look forward to. The building enhancements under our capital campaign will bring much needed improvement to our facilities. Thanks to Jeff and Gina Edelman for their vision to see this need and to take initiative to address it. Again, I can say this year, I am grateful for the committed board members of this organization who provide the oversight needed to ensure Quest thrives in serving persons with disabilities. I also want to express much appreciation to Verna Morris and her leadership team who have been very diligent in managing the day-to-day operations of Quest to make our mission successful. Ensuring that staff and program participants’ needs are met in a timely way is not an easy task. Finally, each Quest staff member plays a vital role in fulfilling our mission every day. Thank you for staying with the work at Quest to provide the vital services the participants and families deserve.

Thank you all for being part of the team at Quest, Inc.!

Jerryl Miller, President

July 2023