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QUEST, Inc. Adult Training Program

The QUEST Inc. Adult Training Program Provides services to individuals diagnosed with development and intellectual disabilities. Our ATF program began operating in the spring of 2013 in order to meet the growing needs of individuals in our community. Our program focuses on the basis of everyday lives and self- determination while providing a safe, supportive and team based environment.
The ATF’s newest initiative is community integration which includes community awareness, safety and social development. We work on increasing the individual’s independence and their ability to build relationships within the community. This is in the hopes that these relationships may play a role in future employment goals and desires of the people we support.
We provide services to a wide range of functioning levels and will adapt the program to meet the needs of the individual. We will provide the services necessary in order to meet individual needs including but not limited to sensory concerns, motor skills, personal adjustment and social skills. The program promotes and places an emphasis on building relationships within the program and throughout the community.

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QUEST, Inc. Employment Services

QUEST Employment Services offers not only supports to people with disabilities but we are a service to the business community by working to fill the needs of employers. A full complement of services includes: Community Based Assessments,
Identification of Individual Strengths, Assistance finding the right job match or helping to create a job through Customized Employment, Assistance in completing applications and interviewing, On the job training and support, Support to maintain successful employment & Re-training as needed.

Benefits to the Employer include: A lower absenteeism and lateness rate, Dependable and reliable workers, Applicants who are pre-screened, On-site training and support by experienced employment specialists (ACRE Certified), Staff sensitivity training available to all companies & Services provided at no cost to the employer.


QUEST, Inc. Home and Community Habilitation Services

Assisting individuals to reside successfully in home and community based settings is provided by a one to one (face to face) by acquiring and maintaining and improving the following skills: Self-Help, Domestic Socialization and Adaptive skills.

QUEST, Inc. Home and Community habilitation supports people with many different goals and outcomes including: Volunteer positions, Learning How to Complete Household Chores Independently, Health and Wellness Goals, Socialization, Building and Maintaining Relationships, Participating in Community Activities, Traffic Safety and Transportation in the Community and Accessing Community Resources and Centers.



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